Welcome to the mojoPortal Online Demo Site.

You can sign in using admin@admin.com and the password admin. After you sign in, you will see an Administration Toolbar on the left.

Please do not remove these instructions from the homepage and do not change the admin password, and do not delete the product demos. Other than that, feel free to create pages, add/edit content and try out the features of mojoPortal.

This demo site will reset every hour, on the hour. So, if you're trying things out at 2:58 PM, you might want to wait a couple of minutes.

Note that this demo site does include several add-on features which are not part of the free mojoPortal download, but are available in the mojoPortal Store. You can tell which features are not free by the word "Pro" in the feature name. Like Event Calendar is free, but Event Calendar Pro is not free, nor is Form Wizard Pro. Purchase of these features help fund the continued improvements to mojoPortal.

To learn how to use mojoPortal, you may find it helpful to watch these video tutorials:

If you have questions, see the Documentation, or post in the Forums at mojoPortal.com



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Watch a video on how easy editing content in mojoPortal can be:

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Section 1

Section 1 content.

Section 2

Section 2 content

Section 3

Section 3 content

Section 4

Section 4 content

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